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All vehicles, whether modern or older models have a starting system. The starter motor, also known as the self-starter, electric starter motor, or cranking motor, is the heart of the starting system and is an essential device. The starter motor is crucial in a car that without it or when it malfunctions, your vehicle won’t be able to move. If you need replacement, you can count on DC Power Automotive Solution to provide you only the best starter motor parts in the market. Our starter motor for sale can fit any vehicle model.  


Starter motors are the components used to start an internal combustion engine. There are several types of starter motors; each has its own method to produce rotation. It is usually mounted near the transmission and consists of a small electric motor, a pinion drive, and a starter solenoid. These three parts are joined together, with the solenoid on top of the motor while the pinion drives the motor shaft. Starter motors are a part of the starting system that comprises the ignition switch, battery, starter relay, cables, and the ring gear on the engine flywheel. For an automatic transmission vehicle, the starter system will also have a neutral safety switch, equivalent to the clutch switch in manual transmission vehicles. 


Since the car starter motors contain moving components and electrical connections, it will inevitably wear and corrode over time. The damage does not happen straight away. It is usually gradual, giving signs that the starter motor is damaged. Here are some of the signs: 


  • Bad starter sound or no sound at all
  • Cranking and starting problems
  • Smoke or burning smell
  • Interior lights dimming during ignition
  • Starter running even after the vehicle started


If you encounter any of these symptoms, make sure to consult with a professional and only buy replacement parts on trusted starter motor parts suppliers like DC Power Automotive Solutions. 

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