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A car’s air conditioning system consists of different parts working together to produce cold air in your vehicle’s cabin. The components include the compressor, condenser, pressure switch, evaporators, expansion valves, and receiver dryers. Each part has its own function. If one part is damaged, your comfy, cool car interior will become sweltering and unpleasant. One of its parts, the condenser, functions as a converter that turns refrigerant gas into cold liquid. It is mounted under the front hood, usually in front of the radiator. If your car condenser fails, you will not get that cold air that you typically get. Here at DC Power Automotive Solutions, we have different car AC condenser perfect for every vehicle. 


If you suspect your vehicle has a bad AC condenser, here are the symptoms that you should watch out for: 

  • Insufficient air conditioning output
  • Corroded, clogged or damaged tubes or fins
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • “Black Death” or the black goo contaminating the AC compressor. 

If you are experiencing any of the above, you must replace your car condenser or have it checked by a professional. 


Here are some tips to help you buy the best condenser for your car:

  • Verify if the condenser you are purchasing matches your vehicle. You can visit your manufacturer’s website or check the owner’s manual to find the exact specifications you need to choose the condenser for your car. 
  • Consider the durability of the car condenser you are buying. Condenser fins may be made of brass, aluminium or copper. Alumunium may resist decay and corrosion, but brass and copper do an excellent job of cooling, so it’s a trade-off.  

We have different types of condensers perfect for every vehicle. Feel free to browse our collection and see which one fits your car. 

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