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Do you need to repair your car air conditioning in Mackay? If your AC is not working, you'll experience an uncomfortable and sweaty ride. That's why it is crucial to keep your air conditioning in check. Do you know that your car’s air conditioning system builds up dirt and bacteria overtime that can cause allergic reactions and poor health? That’s why it needs to be serviced by replacing the cabin filter and cleaning evaporator every year. We also offer a filtration and purification service for a cleaner and healthy air inside your car. And to avoid the expensive cost of replacing AC components like compressor, condenser and evaporator the system should be serviced by replacing the filter drier and refrigerant gas every 3 years for private use and every year for commercial use. Having a better understanding of how these car components work can help to explain the process of repairs in the air conditioning system.

If you have noticed that your car isn't getting cold like it used to be, it's time to bring it into a shop that specializes in airconditioning in Mackay. If your air conditioning system is not working correctly, it is the best move to have your trusted auto airconditioning repair service to perform the necessary checks. Here at DC POWER AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS, we will perform these operations to ensure your car's AC condition:

  • Check the operation of the compressor, clutch, and belt
  • Check the high and low pressure of the system while operating
  • Check proper vents/modes operation
  • Check condenser and radiator cooling fan operation
  • Check for airflow restrictions in the system
  • Check for any visible leaks


DC POWER AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTIONS is fully licensed by the Australian Refrigeration Council. You can be sure that we have the technical expertise to solve your automotive air conditioning problems the first time. Apart from checking your ACs condition, our services include repair, installation, and service on all vehicles from passenger cars to heavy equipment. Having your vehicle air conditioning system checked regularly can save you a more expensive repair bill in the future if problems are detected early.


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