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Over the years, vehicles are evolving and are now equipped with more safety and convenience features that mostly rely on electricity from the battery and charging system. To maintain these features, one of the most crucial things to do is to always have quality auto electrical parts. Electrical components are usually reliable more so that the mechanical parts they have replaced in your vehicle. But because of its complexity, malfunctions are inevitable. Diagnosis can be made manually or through auto electrical services. Regardless of the system and defect, here at DC Power Automotive Solutions,  we have auto electrical supplies that will restore your vehicle's functionality. From the most basic switches or breakers to car batteries and alternators


Although small,  the essential parts in your car's electrical system may be the fuses, breakers, relays and switches, which protect the system from damage. Fuses are a safety device that protects the system from an excessive current flow that could overheat and damage the circuit or, worse, even cause fires. Fuses are sacrificial parts that melts when too much current flow through them. Circuit breakers have the same function, but instead of melting, they can reset and restore the current flow. Relays are switches that allow high amperage circuits to be controlled by low amperage ones, and switches are electrical components that connect and disconnect the conducting path of a circuit. 


Car batteries are used to feed the starter, which starts your vehicle's engine. We have a wide range of car batteries that are perfect for any vehicle. Alternators charge the battery and power the electrics, so if you have a faulty one, you will need to replace it to have a functioning automotive electrical system. We also carry fan motors and starter motors that play a vital role in your vehicle's overall electrical system. Feel free to browse all our products. 

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