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One of the most frustrating situations any car owner will face is having a broken air conditioner, especially during hot summer months. The modern car airconditioning system is made with multiple independent components that work seamlessly together to convert warm air to cool. Of all these parts, the car aircon evaporator is vital to the air conditioner. This component can hold up against constant use. Even for several years, problems and damages can often pop up almost without warning. If that’s the case, you’ll need to replace your car aircon evaporator. Thankfully, DC Power Automotive Solutions has a wide range of air conditioning evaporators to choose from. Our car evaporator price is competitive, so you are sure to get the best deal. 


Your car’s airconditioning system is designed to remove heat from the air. The job of air conditioning evaporators is to harness the cold refrigerant in its liquid state. When warm air passes through the evaporator coils, it collects the from the air and makes it cool. Then the cold air is blown out and circulated through the cabin. 


Two components make up the evaporator: core and coils. In most cases, when issues occur, it’s mostly due to leaks created by these components. Car AC evaporator leak is the leading cause of a malfunction to the evaporator. There are different car AC evaporator leak symptoms, and if it is detected, replacement is the best course of action. 


Here are the main causes of car AC evaporator leak: 

  • Most leaks are caused by a damaged outer seal on the evaporator core. 
  • Corrosion happens when debris finds a way into the air intake, such as caused by clogged air filters, which can lead to leaks. 
  • Another source of a leak in the evaporator is the connection between the car AC evaporator coil and the core. 

If you suspect that your evaporator is leaking, you can get a car AC evaporator cleaning or a replacement.     

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