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Your vehicle’s fan motor has to be controlled so that it allows you to maintain a constant temperature in your car. The fan motor in your airconditioning system is either controlled with a thermostatic switch or by the engine computer, which turns on when the temperature of the coolant goes above a set point and turns back off when the temperature drops below the point. If your fan motor is damaged, you need to replace it immediately. Thankfully, DC Power Automotive Solutions has fan motors for your vehicle. No need to look for fan motors for sale because we have it here. 


The fan motor in your airconditioning system helps circulate the cool air throughout the interiors of your vehicle. Your vehicle’s airconditioning system consists of so many parts that if your AC is failing, it’s quite hard to pinpoint whether your condenser fan motor is damaged or not. Here are some signs that your fan motor is having trouble: 

  • The fan motor won’t start even though the air conditioning system is on.
  • The fan motor won’t stop, even when you turn off your vehicle’s air conditioning system.
  • The fan motor turns on, but the blades are rotating very slowly. 
  • You can hear a rattling noise coming from the condenser unit.


When the fan motor is not working properly, you will notice that there’s no air coming out of the vents, and the air conditioning coils will end up freezing over. This is why it is essential to keep all components in good condition to ensure your vehicle’s air conditioning system is working. If you suspect that your fan motor is damaged, fixing the issue as soon as possible is crucial, since having a faulty fan motor can shorten the lifespan of your AC compressor. 

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