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If you noticed that your car’s airconditioning system is not working properly, not blowing cold air, or the airconditioning system is turning on and off frequently, then this is a sign that the car aircon pressure switches are broken and might need replacement. But before you start replacing your car aircon pressure switches, you need to be sure that it is coming from the pressure switch and not other wiring issues. There are different ways to diagnose the root cause of your aircon’s problem. Once you have pinpointed that it is indeed the pressure switches, then go ahead and buy a new one. Here at DC Power Automotive Solutions, we carry high-quality pressure switches suited for different vehicles. When you buy pressure switches from us, you are sure that you’ll only get the best in the market. 


Your car aircon pressure switch is responsible for controlling the activation of the compressor to avoid any damage due to very high or very low pressure. The pressure switch gives the compressor a signal to stop running when the system has very low or very high pressure. When the pressure is very high, this can damage the compressor due to overheating. When the pressure is very low, this can damage the compressor due to low oil. Like all parts of your vehicle, the pressure switch also has a lifespan. If you are suffering from the intermittent response from your AC unit, then you’ll need a new one. 


Generally, the aircon pressure switch will not need to be replaced during the lifetime of your car. Although, the more you use your vehicle’s air conditioning the more the pressure switch’s lifespan is shortened. Just be sure to watch out for the signs mentioned above. You can browse our pressure switches and find the best one for your vehicle. 

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