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Your car’s air conditioning system is composed of different components that work independently to ensure that your vehicle gets cold air. One of the parts is the expansion valve, which is usually installed at the evaporator inlet and works together with the orifice to regulate the flow of refrigerant through your car’s airconditioning system. If there’s too much refrigerant flow, the evaporator core will freeze over. If it’s too little, the evaporator will overheat and compromise the efficiency of the whole system. The expansion valves meters refrigerant flow depending on the evaporator temperature and the load and cooling demand of the airconditioning system. When the expansion valves have issues or damages, they can cause problems with the overall functionality and performance of the car’s AC system. If this happens, no need to worry because here at DC Power Automotive Solutions, we got you covered. Our collection of auto expansion valve will fit different vehicles. 


A bad or failing TX valve or orifice tube will produce a few symptoms that will alert the driver of a potential issue. Here are some of them: 


  1. One of the first symptoms of a problem with the auto expansion valve is an underperforming airconditioning system. You will notice that the AC system blows less cold than before and worse, will begin to blow warm air if the problem is severe. 
  2. Another symptom you can notice is frost coming out of your car’s vent. If the expansion valves fail, the refrigerant will flow unmetered through the vehicle’s airconditioning system. 
  3. If the compressor of your vehicle’s AC is continuously running, then there’s a possible problem with the expansion valves. If the TX valve fails, the compressor will continually pump refrigerant through the car’s airconditioning system. 

The auto expansion valve is an important component of your airconditioning system, so make sure to have it replaced immediately if you see any symptoms of failing expansion valve. 

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