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One of the most vital components of your vehicle's airconditioning system is the receiver drier. It is designed to store and dry airconditioning refrigerant. In n the receiver driers, there is a desiccant inside that absorb any moisture from the refrigerant. It is used on the expansion valve equipped in the vehicle's airconditioning system. If you need to replace your auto receiver drier, here at DC Power Automotive Solutions, we got you covered. We have a variety of receiver driers that will fit your vehicle. Our receiver drier price is also competitive, making sure you only get the best deals. 


Receiver driers look like small sealed metal cans that have an inlet and outlet, . These components are only used on AC systems that contain expansion valves. The receiver driers primary function is to receive and store the liquid refrigerant from the condenser. The liquid refrigerant will enter the top of the receiver and will fall to the bottom. A pickup tube with a filter screen extends to its base. The pickup tube will draw liquid refrigerant from the bottom of the receiver. Then the refrigerant passes on to the inlet of the thermostatic expansion valve. 


The main job of the receiver driers is to protect the rest of your vehicle's airconditioning system against moisture damage. Its descant bag can only hold a finite amount of moisture. If too much water gets into the system, the receiver drier should be replaced. Auto receiver drier should also be replaced if there are any leaks, clogs, or if the AC compressor is being replaced. 

Here are signs of a failed receiver drier: 

  • Desiccant in the airconditioning system
  • Moisture in the AC system
  • Ice build-up on the receiver drier
  • Temperature drop between the inlet and outlet

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