Denso Air Conditioning Condenser SuitsToyota Corolla ZRE152R 5/07- ZRE172 2/14- ZRE182R 10/12-

DENSO A/C Condensers have a cutting-edge integral filter/dryer and sub-cool area to assure greater air conditioning efficiency. Restore your car's air conditioning system with this new A/C Condenser from Denso.

1. High Efficiency Aluminum
2. Lightweight Construction

- Zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance
- Unique fin design to minimize airflow blockage
- High performance design reduces the required compressor power
- System Efficiency: Superior fin waves provide a higher heat transfer coefficient and full condensation.
- Engineered to Perfection: OE quality engineered for unparalleled performance.
- Heat exchanger cores are specially designed to shed airborne material buildup

- Exact Fit : Condensers install with speed and ease
- Reduces required compressor power, resulting improved fuel economy
- Restores A/C performance to as-new condition
- First Time Fit® assures bolt-in replacement; no brackets or adapters
- Greater Durability : Pure aluminum construction provides greater resistance for corrosion


SKU CN5319
Brand Denso
  • Toyota Corolla ZRE152R (2007-2012) 1.8L Manual Hatchback
  • Toyota Corolla ZRE152R (2007-2012) 1.8L Auto Hatchback
  • Toyota Corolla ZRE152R (2007-2013) 1.8L Manual Sedan
  • Toyota Corolla ZRE152R (2007-2013) 1.8L Auto Sedan