Denso Starter Motor 12V 10Th CW to Suit TOYOTA HILUX PRADO ENG 1GRFE

A vehicle engine cannot start unaided; an external force is required to provide rotational speed at or above a set value. The starter drives a built-in motor using the vehicle battery as a power source to create power and start the engine.Since introducing its first, commercial automotive Starters in the early 1960s, DENSO has poured its world-leading engineering expertise into developing smaller, lighter units that can maintain the highest possible output.

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum cranking torque under all conditions
  • Designed to meet the extreme heat and electrical requirements of a modern engine
  • Improved anti-dust and waterproof capabilities
  • Small, light weight, easy mountability and low cranking noise


SKU 428000-1240
Brand Denso
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado GRJ150R (2009-on)
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN25R (2005-2011)
  • Toyota Hilux SR 4.0L 2D Cab Chassis
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ200R (2007-on)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ200R (2007-on) 4.0L 4D SUV
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ76R (2014-2015)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ78R (2007-on)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ79R (2007-on)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser GRJ79R (2014-2015)
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN15R (2005-2015) 4.0L 4D Wellside
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN15R (2005-2015) 4.0L 2D Wellside
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN120R (2015-2017)
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN125R (2015-2017)
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN15R (2005-2013)
  • Toyota Hilux SR GGN15R (2005-2013) 4.0L 2D Cab Chassis