Roadvision 7-Inch Dominator Extreme Series Spot Beam

When nothing but the best will do, you need the Dominator Extreme Series by Roadvision. The Dominator Series lives up to its name, delivering a spot beam that reaches a whopping 1360m! Featuring 18 x 5W Osram LED’s producing 7200lm of super white light, the Dominator Extreme Series provides seriously extreme performance! Not only do they outperform, they outlast. Constructed with heavy duty die cast aluminium housings and vibration resistant mounting they are built for everything extreme.

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- Wiring 2 Pin Deutsch Plug
- LUMENS 7200lm
- Light Source 18x5 Watt Cree LED’s
- Beam Distance Spot 1360m
- Dimensions 178x105x194mm
- Voltage 9-32V
- Current Draw Amps 5.2A @ 13.8V
- Lamp Diameter 7"
- Beam type Spot Beam plus Driving Beam Cover
- Watts 90W

Brand Roadvision


- Produce 7200lm of instant light output
‚‚- Advanced optics produces 1360m spot beam
‚‚- Supplied with additional driving beam cover
‚‚- 18 x 5W Osram LED’s produce super white light close to daylight
‚‚- 50,000 hour LED lifespan with solid state technology
‚‚- Light weight tough die-cast aluminium housing & polycarbonate lens
‚‚- Water & dust proof IP67 rated
‚‚- Simple 2 wire installation with Deutsch plug
‚‚- Over/under voltage, reverse polarity protection & EMI/EMC radio interference
- Lens Polycarbonate Convex Lens
- Seven (7) Year Warranty

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