Roadvision 165 Rectangular LED Headlamp High/Low Beam 10-30V

The RHL168 Series Inserts are perfect for LED head lamp upgrades in off road applications. Featuring 15 x 3W LEDs producing a massive 2700lm (45W). It is built to withstand even the toughest off road conditions
super tough.

Non-ADR compliant for off road use only.


- Housing: Aluminium
- Dimensions: 168 x 108 x 78mm
- Waterproof: IP67
- Power Watts: 45W

Brand Roadvision


- 165mm LED head lamp insert with High and Low Beam,
- 10-30V DC input & low current draw
- 15 x 3W LED’s producing 2700lm,
- Tough aluminium housing
- Sealed polycarbonate lens
- Waterproof to IP67
- Fits standard 165mm head lamp buckets