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As car owners, you must maintain your vehicle to lengthen its lifespan. When you feel like there’s something wrong with it, make sure that you address the issue immediately. If not, the misuse may lead to something more severe. It can damage your vehicle when you’re faced with this dilemma, no need to wonder about any auto service near me, because here at DC Power Automotive, we got your problems covered. We offer two types of services; auto air conditioning services and auto electrical services.

Auto Repair Experts Near Mackay

Is your car’s AC broken? Do you hear any weird noises coming out of it? Can you smell something different from the vent? If you’re experiencing any of car starting issues, engine repairs & auto lighting systems, it’s time to call us to have your vehicle checked and repaired. Our team of experts provide repair for any of your vehicle’s airconditioning & electrical problems. Apart from issues from your AC, do you know that it accumulates moulds and dust? That’s why you need an auto service center to replace the cabin filter and clean the evaporator every year. Don’t wait till your vehicle air conditioning system is beyond repair. Have it checked right away with your local automotive repair specialist if you suspect any issues.

If you have problems with your crank and can’t start your engine, what you need is auto electrical services. Your vehicle is highly reliant on your car electrical system. If it fails, you are faced with a much serious problem. That’s why before this happens, make sure that you bring your 4x4s, buses, caravans, mining & marine equipment right away when faced with an issue. It could be as simple as your lights are not functioning correctly or your battery is experiencing problems. Whatever it is, you need to be attentive with your vehicle’s situation. From the onset issue of your car’s electrical system, call us right away so we can pinpoint the problem and address it right away.