OEX Starter Motor 12V 9TH CCW Mitsuba Style to Suit Honda Civic and JAzz

Ensure your vehicle starts first time, every time with a reliable OEX starter motor. With a range that includes units for standard and heavy duty applications as well as marine, motorcycle and small vehicle engines, OEX starters will keep your customers moving.

- High-voltage tested armature and field coils to ensure reliable performance
- Premium copper terminals to ensure a clean source of electrical current
- All-new bearings, brushes, and seals

- Maximum cranking torque under all conditions
- Class leaders in size and weight
- Environmentally designed to start in cold and hot weather conditions


Brand OEX
  • Honda Civic FD (2006-2011) 1.3L Auto CVT Sedan
  • Honda Civic ES (2001-2005) 1.3L Auto CVT Sedan