Safe and reliable electrical connection is facilitated via a highly flexible double insulated cable sealed into the base, terminated as a short length with a DT connector or 2m cable with tinned wire ends. Other connector options can be supplied as special orders.
DuraLed® M MultiFlash beacons are equipped with advanced clear micro optic lenses to prevent the hazardous occurrence of “ghost” signals by internally reflected light from other sources. Five LED signal colors are available (amber, red, blue, green and white) to suit all signal applications.
The smooth ergonomic design and very low profile (under 35mm) allows DuraLed® M units to be installed on almost any surface. Specially designed nylon bushes prevent stress fractures developing in the base, by distributing the fasting bolt load over a large surface of the base without transferring any torque. Tamper proof screw covers securely lock the product into place and simplify cleaning by eliminating dirt collecting cavities.


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