Hella HM9600ADIR K-LED 2.0 LED Warning Beacon Amber Direct Mount
Designed by HELLA, K-LED® 2.0's unsurpassed EMI footprint meets the highest possible standard (CISPR25 Class 5). Wherever beacons risk interference with radio communications, K-LED® 2.0 is the solution of choice.
New K-LED® 2.0 is the new benchmark in the world of low profile mining beacons. This state of the art beacon is designed for smaller mobile vehicles to suit modern styling requirements.
K-LED® 2.0 can be mounted directly next to radio communication systems and there will be no disturbance from the beacon.
Even though the beacon is whisper quiet it's 20 high power LEDs provide high light output for best visibility. Its automatic day/night sensor adjusts brightness to avoid glare discomfort at night - and with ECE and SAE compliance the product is suitable for road vehicles as well.
The spec is 'Made for Mining'. Before launch the K-LED® 2.0 had to pass the tough HELLA Mining Specification including 200g drop test (10,000 cycles) and high load dump tests - ensuring this becomes a 'fit and forget' beacon for the end user.
With its low profile of 87.6mm, K-LED® 2.0 is ideal for light bars and all applications where height is critical.
Mounting options are direct, magnetic, and pole mounting, for maximum versatility.


Brand Hella


Two Years