Denso Air Conditioning Compressor 12V Direct Mount 6SEU16C

The compressor is the heart of an auto's air conditioning system, circulating the refrigerant that is vital to proper operation. It's a precision machine, with critical internal tolerances as fine as those of any racing engine. One of the world's leading suppliers of A/C compressors for automotive applications, DENSO also offers both factory-new and remanufactured compressors to the repair industry and consumers as well.

- Pad Fitting Type
- Pag 46 Oil Type
- Suits Toyota Camry ACV40R 2.4L automatic transmission 06/2006 - 09/2011

- High Output
- Extended Durability
- Exact Fit
- Unmatched Reliability
- Quiet, Efficient Performance


Brand Denso
  • Toyota Camry ACV40R (2006-2011)