Baxters Control+ User Controlled Remote Head Electric Trailer Brake Controller 12V 1-2 Axles, Third Generation

Give yourself the ultimate trailer control with Baxters' Control+. Designed and programmed with the latest user controlled braking algorithms specifically for Baxters, the Control+ will keep you in control at all times.


- Maximum Input Voltage: 15V
- Minimum Input Voltage: 9V
- Nominal Input Voltage: 12V
- No Current Load: 30mA
- Axles: 1-2
- Warranty: 5 Years
- Mounting: 360 degree mount
- Circuit Breaker: 20A Included

Brand Baxters


- Five (5) year warranty
- Rugged alloy protection
- 360 degree mounting capability
- Complete user adjustability for reliable and consistent braking
- Remote head mound for a clean and professional finish
- Circuit breaker and circuit breaker insulator included