Nissan Patrol Y62 Series 4 & 5 Torqit Performance Exhausts are specifically designed to create a deep note and improve vehicle performance. Our Y62 Patrol exhaust is manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel. The thickness of the steel is 1.7mm on the bends and 2mm on straights.

The high quality steel and thickness produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength even in the toughest terrain. This exhaust follows the same path of the factory system. It is a twin 3" system that begins from the headers, then trails into a single exit 3" system. The design contains two resonators and two mufflers. This design reduces the restriction on the flow of the exhaust system whilst still retaining a decent and acceptable sound.

On an exhaust system, once the internal combustion takes place, the engine expels exhaust gasses in the form of high pressure pulses. These high pressure pulses create very powerful sound waves. A muffler helps to reduces the sound to a tolerable level. The choice of mufflers in this system provide good performance and a nice tone without stealing too much back pressure.


Brand Torqit


Key Features

- 10 year warranty

- 304 grade stainless steel

- Internal and external welding on all flanges for extra strength

- Heavy duty wrap around brackets

- 3 bolt 10mm laser cut flanges

- 3” double braided stainless steel flew bellow