The Torqit Power Module and Pedal Torq Package improves Raptor performance. The Pedal Torq eliminates throttle lag to boost accelerator response, while the Power Module maximises the energy output from every drop of fuel, generating more power for your Bi Turbo 2.0L, Raptor.

The Pedal Torq & Power Module package allows you to enhance your vehicle without the performance exhaust upgrade. These two compact units improve accelerator responsiveness and general drivability whilst simultaneously boosting overall power and towing capacity. Get ready to experience the ultimate power couple for vehicle performance.

A premium throttle controller, the Pedal Torq removes throttle lag to enhance accelerator response. At the touch of a button, you can set one of five driving modes: Eco, Cruise, Sport, Intelligent and Anti Theft. Each mode is complete with customisable settings that finely tune the accelerator to compliment your driving preferences. You can also upgrade this package to the Pedal Torq Plus for enhanced Bluetooth features.

The Power Module safely releases power, torque and fuel efficiency lost via factory programming in your vehicle’s on-board computer. To maximise the energy output from each drop of fuel, the Power Module unit raises the air to fuel ratio. In turn, this generates less fuel usage and produces more power.

Automatically configured for optimal performance, the Power Module can be hardwired or controlled via Bluetooth. To tune your engine remotely in accordance with your driving preferences, simply download the Torqit Connect app and follow the instructions.

Once installed, you can increase power and torque with three settings for maximum performance: Economy, Cruise and Sport. You’ll discover the difference a 4WD performance chip can make, with each mode more powerful than the next.


The Pedal Torq mounts to your dash for easy access. Fitted to your accelerator pedal without any cutting or rewiring, all you have to do is unplug your existing accelerator and connect the Pedal Torq plugs. You can install the Pedal Torq within both diesel and petrol vehicles in only a few minutes.

The Power Module is suited to most petrol and diesel vehicles. Installed between two plugs in your vehicle’s fuel operating system, you can complete the quick and easy set up in under 15 minutes.


Power Module

  • 5 year product warranty (Our warranty also covers your vehicle for the life of the New Vehicle Warranty*)
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • More power, torque and drivability
  • Safe software for your specific vehicle
  • Remote tuning
  • Increased pulling power when towing
  • Stringently tested for Australian conditions

Pedal Torq

  • 5 year product warranty
  • Improved throttle response for smoother towing
  • Simple set up
  • Suited to most vehicles manufactured from 2005 onwards
  • Dash-mount control
  • Five modes and 30 settings to fine tune the accelerator
  • Intelligent mode tailors to your driving style
  • Anti-theft mode immobilises your vehicle until deactivated
  • 30 day money back guarantee




Weight 1 kg





Bi Turbo 2.0L








The Pedal Torq Plus has three main performance modes, each with adjustable settings. Further to the performance modes, the Pedal Torq has additional modes. Below is a brief overview of the modes and their uses.


Eco Mode: In the lowest setting on your Pedal Torq you will feel a gentle increase in throttle response. We suggest you use this mode when driving off road or when you need more control over your accelerator response

Cruise Mode: This is the middle mode on the Pedal Torq. This mode is ideal for everyday driving of your vehicle. You will feel a significant increase in throttle response.

Sport Mode: The highest setting on your Pedal Torq has been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heavy loads. For a standard vehicle, this mode may be too responsive for every day driving.

On each of these modes, we suggest that you use the Plus and Minus buttons to increase or decrease the settings in the selected mode. We recommend that you adjust these settings until you find the ultimate response for you. Alternative, you can use Intelligent Mode to find your ideal accelerator response.

Off Road Mode: You should use this mode when you are off roading. This setting decreases your accelerator response, giving you more traction in sand, on rocks and in ruts.

Intelligent Mode: An extremely smart function that learns your driving style. This mode will give you the perfect amount of response when you need it. This mode can also be used to fix an uneven idling.

Anti Theft Mode: By activating this mode you can immbolise the vehicles accelerator. The vehicle is unable to move until this mode is deactivated.


A Pedal Torq Plus has three ideal settings. Below is a brief overview of the settings and their ideal uses.

Economy: In this setting you will notice a gentle increase in your accelerator response. This setting is designed for off road driving, or when you need only a slight increase in throttle response.

Cruise: This setting is ideal for everyday driving of your vehicle. You will feel a noticeable increase in your accelerator response. You will have an instant reaction after pressing your accelerator.

Sport: The highest setting on your Pedal Torq Plus has been designed to increase throttle response to assist when towing heavy loads. This setting can be used for everyday driving if you like an extremely responsive accelerator.


The Power Module has three settings that can alter the power, torque and fuel efficiency of your vehicle. When the Power Module is installed on your vehicle, it is automatically set to Sport Mode which is the highest performance mode on the unit. To change this, simply download the Torqit Connect App.

Here is a brief overview of the modes and their uses;

Economy: This setting will run your vehicle lean, it will reduce your power but increase your fuel efficiency. You will reap benefits from this setting when you are travelling in the top gear of your vehicle at they same speed for a long distance. Your vehicle doesn’t need extra power to cruise along. It is great for long haul trips.

Cruise: This setting will increase the performance of your vehicle. The increase in power is added at a higher spot in your rev range compared to Sport mode. This setting is ideal when towing a heavy load as it provides you with the extra power you need when approaching an incline or when you are overtaking at speed.

Sport: This setting is the highest available on the Power Module. You will notice that your vehicle is quicker off the mark and has a lot more grunt. Power is placed lower in the rev range, so your vehicle will feel more aggressive. This instant power isn’t ideal for towing as it can become very jerky, however it is perfect for everyday driving.



Using Torqit’s unique key fob remote control, you can change the mode of your bluetooth product by simply pressing your desired mode. The key fob is the ideal way to alter the response of your vehicle without using the Torqit App on your smartphone. An added bonus of the remote is for vehicles with multiple drivers, the person driving the vehicle can simply change the setting of the Power Module for the vehicle.


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