Toyota Hilux DPF Back Performance Exhaust Every Torqit exhaust system aims to increase power, torque and fuel efficiency.

The design of each system helps the vehicle to breathe better by improving the flow of gasses. This will reduce exhausts gas temperatures (EGT), which has the potential to lengthen the life of your vehicle. Torqit's Toyota Hilux 3" Performance Exhaust has been specifically designed to create a deep note and improve the vehicles performance. he exhaust bolts onto the back of the turbo.

This system has blue titanium dump pipes to help with heat dispersion and lower EGT's.


Brand Torqit


Key Features

- 10 year warranty

- Up to 2mm thick steel, approximately 1.7mm on bends

- 304 grade polished stainless steel

- Titanium coated dump pipes

- Internal and external welding on all flanges for extra strength

- Double braided flex bellow

- High flow diesel spec catalytic converter

- Heavy duty wrap around brackets

- 2 & 3 bolt 10mm laser cut flanges

- Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings