LDV T60 Performance Exhaust Torqit Performance Exhausts are specifically designed to create a deep note and improve vehicle performance. Our LDV T60 exhaust is manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel. The thickness of the steel is 1.7mm on the bends and 2mm on straights. The high quality steel guarantees extreme strength even in the toughest terrain. The new LDV T60 3" Performance Exhaust is one of the thickest systems available on the market.

The thickness of the steel provides a deep note. Our exhaust design will not cause cabin drone. Torqit Performance Exhausts have been designed to maximise power, torque and fuel efficiency. The full bolt together system does not require a hoist to be fitted. It has simple installation that can be completed on a driveway within a few hours.

The DPF back performance exhaust for the LDV T60 lowers your exhaust gas temperatures (EGT's), improves the flow of exhaust gases, produces more power and provides better fuel economy. All Torqit DPF back systems comply to insurance and registration requirements in Australia and will not void new vehicle warranty. It is the ideal performance upgrade to give your vehicle real grunt and power. 

304 Grade Stainless Steel

304 grade stainless steel is the highest quality material used for exhaust systems. The premium steel will not rust and is much stronger than 409 grade stainless. Our high quality steel produces a deep note and guarantees extreme strength even in the toughest terrain.

Internal & External Welds

All Torqit Performance Exhausts have internal and external welds to increase the strength of the exhaust system. The reinforced system makes it extremely difficult to crack, even in tough off-road applications. 

Mandrel Bent System

Mandrel bending supports the exhaust pipe from the inside as it is bent, this prevents crinkling of the pipe. The results are smooth and constant-diameter bends that reduce restriction and improve both the performance and efficiency of your engine.


Brand Torqit


Key Features

- 10 year warranty on stainless steel systems

- Up to 2mm thick steel, approximately 1.7mm on bends

- 304 grade 2B finished stainless steel

- Internal and external welding on all flanges for extra strength

- Heavy duty wrap around brackets

- 2 & 3 bolt 10mm laser cut flanges

- Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings